IRIS is the future

of everyday life

The IRIS Ecosystem

We want to build the foundations of an entirely new and innovative digital wallet and identity ecosystem. Our goal is to revolutionize the way we do simple everyday tasks like paying at the grocery store, going to a concert, or even passing through airport security.

Our greatest priority is to fight cyber and financial crime, and that is why in all of our products and solutions we use the foremost method of biometric authentication – vein scanning. Our plan is to incorporate these technologies into a variety of security products.

Introducing the IRIS Wallet

Your own weightless and simple identifier everywhere you go at the tip of your hands

Digital Security

The security and the integrity of our users is our primary goal, and we strive to offer unique service in that matter

Variety of Functionality

Our portfolio of services provided unites practically every single financial instrument you use in your daily life 

Innovational Technology

Not only for the present form of IRIS, but for its future, we aim to use the latest technological innovations

Ease of access

IRIS is simple and easy to use by everyone. Our interface makes user interaction seamless and pleasant

Problems with modern identification systems

Identity Theft

Every year, millions of people become victims of identity theft in one form or another - online, stolen ID, or credit card


There is a trade-off when it comes to identification: the more secure an operation is, usually the more expensive and slower it becomes.

Impractical Fees

Almost every single payment/identity processor you use would take considerable and unjustifiable amount of fees right out of your pocket

Financial Fraud

On an annual basis millions of people are victims of credit card fraud and identity theft, and IRIS aims to demolish financial fraud once and for ever

Our Solution is Biometrics

Vein Identification

 Veins are just as unique as fingerprints for every individual. Our scanners create a 3D blueprint of your veins and turn it into an unique token.

Safest way of authentication

Vein scanning provides an a method of verification that is safer and faster than standard biometrics.

Biometric Payments

Send and Receive money internationally completely free and instantly at the tip of your fingers

Digital IRIS Identity

Implementing BOPS (Blockchain Open-Protocol Standard), Horcrux Protocol and Smart Contracts

Innovational Architecture

Up to 50,000 transactions per second can take place and settle in under than 5 seconds in our scalable blockchains*

Carry nothing

Connect your crypto wallets and start using them to pay for everyday goods and services

Use Crypto Anytime

No need to worry about forgetting you wallet, your keys, your cash, or even your PIN ever again

Interconnected Ecosystem

Creating a global network of IRIS devices that you use for your payments, home and office security and even health

All-in-One Solution

Secure, yet Easy to reach

Access your funds and means in IRIS Wallet at the tip of your fingers

Digital Identity

Using facilities as public transport has never been easier and faster until IRIS implemented them with biometrics

Events, Concerts

You can now purchase tickets online, and send them straight to your irisWallet for safe keeping

Safest Crypto-Bank

Store international currencies and a variety of cryptocurrencies in your profile

Variety of Payment Sources

Connect your credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal and even cryptocurrency wallets to your profile

Save time, save money

Using IRIS, both enterprises and consumers save enormous amounts of otherwise precious time and resources

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