Over the past couple of months, we have been discussing various aspects of our development. We did some restructuring on our team, and we cleared out some mistakes that we made in the past.

We realized that the best application for IRIS is not payments, but it is actually identification. We have always envisioned an ecosystem as a final product of our company, but now we are making it a reality. We have divided our company’s solutions into two parts – enterprise and consumer.

On the enterprise end, we offer businesses a suite of solutions that use biometric authentication, and, more specifically, through our ecosystem. We incorporate our solutions to currently existing platforms as a means of identification. Once clients have registered, they can take advantage of the well-known benefits of IRIS – immense functionality, state-of-the-art level of security, and, most importantly, use their login via IRIS at other businesses as well.

We are introducing a range of solutions for a great variety of businesses and institutions such as banks, public transport, hospitals, police stations, insurance companies, event centers and more.

On the consumer end, we are introducing our digital identity and wallet ecosystem. It is absolutely free for a user to make an irisWallet and start using it right away. Through their irisWallet, users can verify their identity at enterprises, send and receive payments, manage preferred financial sources, exchange currency and more.

We would consider this move a slight pivot from where we stood 5 months ago, because now we will focus more initially on enterprise solutions to grow our user base first, and then expand the irisWallet’s functionality by adding more partners to our ecosystem.

Speaking of enterprise solutions, we are now introducing our Pilot Programme. We have been in talks with several big companies primarily in Western Europe over the past month, and we have been discussing how we can be mutually beneficial. That is, indeed, how we came up with our Pilot Programme.

Essentially, what it is, is that it allows companies to purchase in advance our solutions, receive preferential prices and terms, and test our solutions for periods ranging from four to six months. Then we analyze how we have improved their operations, how much money we have saved them, and we evaluate the continuance of our partnership. You can read more about our pilot programme here.

This is a really exciting time for us, and we hope you feel it as well! We have some very exciting partnerships that we will soon announce as well, so stay tuned for more news.


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