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The Foundation of IRIS

The smartest and safest financial processor ever designed.

Smart Processing

We incorporate neural network technologies to make a self-learning processor

Blockchain Technology

Your data is stored in a blockchain network which makes it impossible to defraud

Highest Encryption

Using the best encryption solution - your public key is hidden, and your private key is... you

Intelligent Systems

The interconnected IRIS ecosystem is a peer-to-peer network which allows swift data movement

The most complex payment processor

The IRIS Core is the foundation of IRIS. It is the blockchain based ledger of IRIS transactions, and it is also the encrypted cloud-like code that contains people’s data, biometrics, payment methods and transactions. Our smart software makes it impossible for this data to be altered by any means, and also makes it inaccessible by other people rather than the owner of the account.

Blockchain Technology Integration

The IRIS Core will be distributed and “mined” primarily by IRIS Terminals on various locations, but it will also be supported by servers in different locations around the globe which will make it impossible for people to sniff and try to alter the IRIS ledger.

System Architecture

We have some of the brightest software architects and technical advisers on our team

Blockchain Network

Blockchain is an unique technological opportunity for all business and non-profit spheres

Protected Details

Taking advantage of the latest innovations in the fields of encryption and tokenization


Our processing software is scalable and able to handle and verify transactions in matter of seconds

Ultimate Payment Solution

Your own biometric virtual purse everywhere you go at the tip of your fingers

Carry nothing

No need to worry about forgetting you wallet, your cash, or even your PIN ever again

Remain Anonymous

No need to worry about identity theft anymore because your information is never revealed

Pay with Crypto

You can now pay in cryptocurrency without worrying if the merchants accepts it

Financial Identity

Become your own bank, keep your funds safe and access them only when you want

What is the IRIS Wallet?

Your IRIS Wallet is your own financial identity. Now you can carry all of your finances with you and access them at any time making credit cards and cash obsolete. Imagine a world where every transaction could happen at the tip of your finger – this is what we aim with our Wallet technology.

What we can help you do better

Using your finger to pay, you will be to make swift everyday payments at any IRIS Merchant. You will also be able to make easy international and domestic instant money transfers at our IRIS Terminals. Generally, your funds would be protected against any type of fraud and the only access key would be your biometrics. Our smart sensors would ensure that it is indeed you who is accessing them.

Become a part of the future

Think Different.

Think Innovation.

Trust us. We know that our idea is futuristic, and we have yet a long way to go until we get to where we want to go, but such changes start with believers, and people who want to change the world for better.


Protect the nature by reducing impractical buildings and computers


We are providing a way to remove financial borders across the world


Our solutions provide new international business opportunities


Our idea would set the foundations to a whole new era of fintech

The Connection Between Us and Them

irisPay connects card issuers, banks, merchants and IRIS customers

Instant Transfers

Our payment processing software manages to deliver instant transactions at large scale

Complex Structure

Up to 50,000 transactions per second can take place and settle in under than 5 seconds

Cryptocurrency and Tokenization

In order to provide scalable and speedy and in the same time safe and secure payment processing solution, we use various different technologies which ensure that your funds are kept secure at all time and will arrive as soon as possible to the recipient. 

What can you do with irispay?

Our payment solutions could be the future of personal and corporate banking as they would allow mass instant transactions with low fees to be conducted, and in the same time preserving the highest level and sense of security. You could pay your international business partners, invest in stocks or currency, pay salaries to your employees, and more.

Biometric Authentication

Speed & Beauty Combined

All-In-One Merchant Solution

Migrate to IRIS and increase your profit while maximising opportunities

Accept Cards

Accept any type of credit or debit card with our integrated chip and NFS reader

Accept Bank Accounts

Your clients can pay you directly using their bank accounts for additional safety and transparency

Finger Vein Scanner
5” TouchScreen Display
Credit Card Reader
NFS Scanner

Biometric Identification

Our finger vein scanning technology keeps your clients' privacy and safety

Accept Crypto

Using real-time conversion rates by IRIS, your clients can pay with crypto and you can receive any preferred currency

Why use IRIS in stead of my regular POS?

Our POS solution gives you all of the functionality you currently have with your payment provider, but it also makes you a part of the IRIS network.

You could start accepting payments from people who wish to pay in cryptocurrencies for instanse which gives you a competative advantage, because those clients would come to you first.

And even if you do not wish to receive, cryptocurrency, your revenue could be paid to you in the currency you choose to.

We give our POS Bluetooth devices for free!

That’s right! All you need to do to start accepting payments is to register for IRIS as a Merchant, download our mobile merchant application, and apply for your free bluetooth finger vein scanner.

You can begin accepting payments from IRIS users that easy and there is no monthly fee

  • Finger Vein Scanner
  • IRIS Retina Scanner
  • Touch-Screen Display
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Contactless Card Receiver
  • 4G LTE Cellular Connection
  • 12-Hour Operational Battery

Our POS device would be entirely designed by us and include the above listed components. We are currently working on the most ergonomic and efficient design concept to make it as adaptable as possible.

The device would be offered to IRIS Merchants who wish to accept payments from us in exchange of a monthly fee. We also offer a fee-free solution – our Bluetooth scanner.

IRIS Bluetooth Scanner
  • Encrypted Finger Vein Scanner
  • IRIS Retina Camera
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Near-Field Scanner
  • 24-hour Operational Battery
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • 2m long charger

Our Bluetooth device is extremely easy to setup and work with. It is designed for maximum capability with each merchant’s needs, and it is provided with a 2-meter charging cable.
Our Bluetooth device is given to IRIS Merchants who apply for it, free of charge. However, merchants never actually own the scanners and take full responsibility for damaging them.

Mobile Merchant App

Start accepting IRIS easily

Our mobile application will allow merchants to start accepting IRIS payments as soon as their Bluetooth finger vein scanner arrives. The application will be available to Android and iOS devices operating with the latest versions of their software without any jailbreaks. It will be downloaded from the app stores for Free, and registration for the IRIS Merchant Platform will be available at any IRIS Terminal.

Operating with our software and processing payments will be possible without any monthly fees, and your Bluetooth scanner will be free-of-charge. You will pay a fee per transaction, however. For credit card and bank account payments the fees will vary between 1.5%-1.9%, and for crypto payments the fees will vary between 2.2%-3.5%

Magnificent Interface

So far, we have designed a concept interface of our mobile merchant application and have prepared a structured plan of how the work flow of the software would be designed.

In the gallery bellow, you can observe how an IRIS user, Michael, purchases items worth £12.86 from his local supermarket.

The IRIS Ecosystem Access Point

Everything your local bank branch can do, but better

Sign up

Signing up takes no more than 5 minutes and it is incredibly easy using out utilities

Store and Save

IRIS is your virtual bank where you can store money, invest and purchase cryptocurrency, or just save

Multi-touch Touchscreen
Credit Card and ID Scanner
Cash output
QR Scanner
Vein Scanner
Cash input
IRIS Retina HD Camera

Send, Receive, Pay

Start conducting transactions immediately in IRIS with your determined fund sources

Discover Opportunities

Discover new business opportunities and partners, be able to pay them with IRIS

IRIS Terminal
  • Finger Vein Scanners
  • IRIS Retina Scanner
  • Touch-Screen Display
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Contactless Card Receiver
  • 4G LTE Cellular Connection
  • Cash input and output
  • QR Scanner

As we like to say, our terminal is our Mona Lisa. It is the perfect financial device for financial management. It can be used for a wide range of operations to be conducted such as making international and domestic transfers, purchasing and exchanging currency, managing personal and corporate banking and more.

The IRIS Terminal is also the point of registration for the IRIS network. It has the capability to record your biometric and personal data easily during an automated process guided by it’s sensors. The IRIS Terminal is a smart, private, and secure machine which has the potential to revolutionise banking and financial management.

IRIS Terminal

Ultimate financial tool

The IRIS Terminal offers a wide range of functionality that includes but is not limited to:

  • Signing up for IRIS
  • Managing payment sources in IRIS profile
  • Making international and domestic transfers
  • Purchasing and Exchanging crypto and fiat currency
  • Depositing/Withdrawing cash to/from IRIS
  • Managing your funds by making internal transfers

Later plans: Purchasing Stocks and Bonds, Controlling IRIS Home and Business Restricted Access Solutions, Insurance, Utility Bills


Our users would perhaps like to manage their transactions and funds in private, and that is why some of our Terminals will have retractable enclosure which we are still designing to achieve the perfect privacy solution. Some Terminals, on the other side, would be placed in private places, for instance – a single Terminal in a single booth to provide the ultimate feeling of privacy.


Our Terminals are unpenetratable because of their maximized security protocols and sensors. A user goes through various and random levels of verification until they complete a transaction in their profile. Of course, finger vein recognition is the entry point at the terminal, which is then followed by facial and retina verification in the background. Our smart software is also planned to detect gesture patterns and determine fraudulent possibilities based on various criteria.

Magnificent Interface

As for the POS, we have also designed an ergonomic and modern interface of our IRIS Terminal. Below you can observe a situation in which an user attempts to sign up for IRIS.

At one point (fig. 5), the user is offered to purchase ICO (IRIS Coin).

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