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Why invest in us?

What makes our company so special?
Market Shapers

We are in a market space of our own – we created it, by combining the most essential and needed functionality in a single solution.

Growth Potential

When it comes to our ecosystem, the possibilities are endless – IRIS can be incorporated into every aspect of our lives.

New Age Technology

Machine Learning-based Matching Algorithms for Vein Scanning Biometric Technology – safest identification method ever created.

Team & Partners

International Executives; Fully staffed with developers and engineers. Partnerships with Fujitsu, Hitachi, Diebold Nixdorf and more.


As Enterprise Technology Provider

The need for a solution like IRIS is evident - maybe this is why we have so many companies signed up for our Pilot Programme. With the emergence of policies like KYC, AML, GDPR, the integration of a universal identification solution like IRIS is inevitable. This is a standard and generally safer business opportunity, having IRIS as an entreprise solutions provider - IaaS, SaaS, and more.


As Ecosystem

While being an enterprise solutions provider is a sufficient business opportunity itself, our vision is to globalize and expand our technology by implementing it in all areas of our life - payments, transport, governments, border security, etc.. In order to do this, we are creating a single user base - our Ecosystem, that anyone can connect to and use. And by incorporating blockchain technology to store your personal and payment data, your information can never be revealed, hacked or stolen.


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