What is IRIS?

IRIS is a fintech startup company which implements innovational biometric authentication and blockchain-inspired technology to create the world’s safest payment processing ecosystem.

This way a customer’s information is never revealed neither to the public, nor to merchants which is an unique market advantage. Furthermore, IRIS solves the widely concerning issues of credit card fraud and identity theft with it’s revolutionary biometric authentication methods.

Our company is only at idea stage and it has been around as a concept since September 2017, and I, personally,  have been working tirelessly on its concept, idea, website, business plan and more, and now it is time for more people to join the team.

I believe that the time for evolved payment systems is ripe and IRIS is the change that the world needs. It would render the use of credit cards, online banking and unsecured crypto  wallets obsolete, as it would provide all those services at the tips of a user’s fingertips. (literary)

So far we have analysed our market options and placement and have designed our functionality according it. We have built a team of developers and experts in our sphere of business, as we have partnered with international teams of developers with vast experience in their fields of expertise which ensures that we will deliver what we present. Our accomplishments to this moment are humble for the short span of existence of our start-up.

We are currently looking actively for members of our team, advisors, and most importantly of all – investors. If you fit into any of those groups and are interested in our project, please contact us.


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Asen Levov

Asen Levov

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