A great deal of development has occurred for IRIS in the past 10 months. I started IRIS with just an idea, and started looking for partners. Initially, I got mostly negative responses of my proposal, but I decided not to give up and to keep pursuing my vision. I decided to start working on IRIS, even though there was no one by my side. Once I had some progress, I could approach people with my idea and present it properly. It was still difficult, really difficult, to be working alone on a project no one believes in, but sometimes you just need to trust your guts and your dreams and pursue them.

With my persistency, I managed to start building our team and partnering up with various companies. We now have 10 partnerships with experienced and developed companies with more than a 200 man-power capacity. We have more than 50 active team members in 7 countries, and we are closing the initial stage of our development by the end of this month. We have interested investors, and we are preparing for meetings with them once our Whitepaper and Business Plan are completed.

The going has been really tough for myself for the past few months being so dedicated to this project, but, when seeing the responses of people once I tell them about IRIS, and how they get excited about it – that keeps me going and keeps me working nights to always write the next paragraph, the next email, or make the next call. Moreover, I feel that I am doing something meaningful and have found something I would be willing to dedicated my life to if the opportunity is given. I, personally, have worked in an extremely wide range of spheres – hospitality, digital marketing, e-commerce, and even owned a restaurant, but I have never felt so passionate about anything.

IRIS is a huge project, and, initially, even my thoughts on it were that the chances of it to succeed are minimal, but seeing the progress we have made so far, and the responses we have been getting so far, and the team members that have joined the project with all their experience and knowledge, I am confident that IRIS will become a reality soon.

I want to dedicate this post to the initial team members of IRIS that made all of this possible. I would like to specially thank the members of Zekeng for believing in IRIS at such an early stage. I want to thank Svetlin Nakov for joining our team, and helping us reach out to Globalized and OmegaSystems. I want to thank Ivo Ganchev and Ani Miteva for their dedication to the project and making our business planning and investor outreach possible. I also want to thank Atanas Dyakov for both his friendly, financial and cooperative support he has given IRIS and myself during the more difficult times over the past months.

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