It is our sincere pleasure to introduce to you our new company partnerships! We have been negotiating the terms of our partnerships with them for a while now, but as of this moment, our agreements are official and Arexim Engineering, Devision and OmegaSystems have become co-founders in our venture.

Arexim Engineering is a electronics and plastics manufacturer in Smolyan, Bulgaria. They have a facility with 750 employees, and an annual production output that has deserved Forbes’ attention numerous times. They are a leader in production in the Balkan Peninsula. The business activities of Arexim started in 1991 in the town of Smolyan, Bulgaria. The company has evolved in a leading producer of high precision plastic components and parts and tooling equipment for injection moulding. In 2004 the business activities were moved to its current production location, which was a significant advancement in the size of the production area fully designed and equipped to the highest production standards.

Arexim maintains and develops a growing inventory of the newest high technology precision machine equipment as well as a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals who have adopted and support the company’s policies in excellence in production and highest quality standards.

Devision is a an amazing team of developers and software architects we met recently in Sofia, Bulgaria, and immediately knew that we needed to cooperate with them. Devision’s team is united, motivated, open to innovation, and, most importantly, truly excited for our project and its’ development. They have expressed the initiative to lead the Software Development Department for IRIS, and we have agreed. They are officially co-founders of IRIS as of this moment, and they are going to be heading our system development.

Devision is a multi-discipline, dedicated team of software consultants, engineers, and designers specializing in web and mobile application development. Their professional approach consistently delivers quality results in a short time frame fitting into your development budget. In line with their company’s name – which is derived from a combination of the words ‘development’ and ‘vision’ – they aim to develop forward-looking solutions which address complex business problems while providing an excellent user experience.

Even though OmegaSystems aren’t as widely known as Devision and Arexim Engineering, they are one of the most important new team additions because of their expertise in HSM systems, Digital Security and Forensics, and Cryptography and Algorithms. We are really proud to say that they are as well co-founders in our project and they will be heading our Digital Security Development. We are confident that we can trust them with this difficult task to create the world’s safest, cheapest and easiest to use payment ecosystem.

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