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Our Story

When asked about how we thought of IRIS and what made us come up with this concept, we answer with: Imagine that you had to build an entirely new world whether virtual or real, and this world would require economics and financial processes to be conducted. Would you bring credit cards into that world? Of course not. The future of payments and identification is exclusively biometric, and it is going to be designed by pioneers just like ourselves.

We came up with IRIS with the goals to change the world as we know it. We have gathered a worldwide team of enthusiasts and motivated people with the same vision as us, and we want to take advantage with the technological innovations like blockchain, palm vein scanning, revolutionary retina scanning and more.

We started working tirelessly on our concepts, the services we are going to offer, and how we can achieve that. We began planning and laying the foundations of our software, hardware and blockchain systems architecture.

At one point, however, IRIS was no longer just about payments. We now had discovered the true potential of this technology – creating a universal identification and payment ecosystem to entirely change our lives. Allowing yourself to forget about remembering passwords and codes, carrying wallets, cards and tickets, and just simplify those processes by using IRIS. Our vision is to change the world for better, and we are working hard every single day towards this goal.




United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan

Incorporated in London, United Kingdom

Working Together Since

November 2017

Financial Safety and

Identity Protection

Those are our two priorities in terms of benefits of using our services. We aim to demolish financial and identity fraud, and introduce new safer, faster, cheaper methods of payments.

Blockchain is the future

Crypto is the path

To be honest, most of the members of our team, aren’t the greatest crypto fans out there, but every single one of us is aware of the functionality and the benefits of using and implementing blockchain technologies in our daily life.

This is why blockchain technology is going to be a major part of IRIS’ payment ecosystem and will serve as a data storage solution.

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